All drivers and cars are considered accepted in the order that they are received.

All entries must be filled out completely. Entry is not considered completed and or signed up without payment in full. Entries will be limited to 120 cars per event per day. Waiting list will be used to fill in any cancellations. Early sign up is recommended to ensure your event entry.


Refunds will be granted in full up to 30 days before the event.

After which time your entry will be refunded less 25% or your entry can be kept as 100% credit toward the next event. Refunds will not be provided due to weather or “act of god”. Be prepared for all weather conditions. The track may permit wet weather running. This is a perfect time to learn how your car performs in tricky conditions.

West Coast Racing understands there may be personal emergencies, Please speak to us directly in case of emergency.


Mandatory drivers meetings required for all drivers, No exceptions! Saturday morning 8:00 AM. All aspects of the event will be covered during this meeting. Including track conditions, event policy, flags and flagger locations and run group limitations. All drives must attend.


West Coast Racing events normally have four “run” groups. You must sign up according to your experience level! This is for the safety of you as well as others on the track. You can always have your group color (Level) changed at request, and if applicable. We can and will move you according to our assessment. If we feel you need to be moved either up or down a group we will do this at our discretion.

Green Group - Beginner (Level 1)

No track experience, first time entry. Slow pace limited passing on designated straights only. Mandatory classroom time and instructor evaluation.

Yellow Group - Novice (Level 2)

Some track or HPDE experience. Accelerated pace limited passing on designated straights only.

Blue Group - Advance (Level 3)

Track and HPDE experience. Fast pace limited passing on designated straights only.

Red Group - Expert (Level 4)

Extensive track and or race experience. Fastest pace Must be experienced in passing at a fast pace. Un-limited passing anywhere on the track. Track prepped cars recommended with roll cage and five point harness.


All cars and drivers must meet all Tech and Requirements on the following pages to attend the event.

All children must be accompanied by an adult.


Willow Springs Raceway (WSR) hours of operation saturday and Sunday 7:00 AM to 5:00 pm.

WSR snack bar will be open daily for breakfast and lunch. WSR has racing fuel on track

premises, check with the office for prices and location. WSR requires a gate entry fee as well as a liability form signature. This is required for the track and not part of West Coast Racing (WCR) entry fee or liability waiver.

WSR pit speed is limited to 5mph!

Overnight parking and stay at the track is permitted. Please check with WSR for any additional requirements. Cars and trailers and be dropped off Friday prior to the WCR event date.