Q: What happens if it rains?

A: This event is rain or shine. No refunds due to weather.

Q: What are the minimum safety gear requirements?

A: At a minimum, every driver out on track must have a SA2010 or later helmet, long sleeve cotton shirt, long pants and close toed shoes. (Helmets are required for all Autocross and Track events.)

Q: Do I need to belong to a club or need a membership to attend?

A: No, West Coast Racing is open to all makes and models and there is no club or membership required.

Q: Can I get my own instructor?

A: Yes. WCR offers instructors for all levels of driving and it is included in your entry fee. We encourage all attendees to take advantage of experienced instructors and learn something new.

Q: Can I take a passenger out on the track?

A: Unfortunately due to track, insurance and liability, passengers are not allowed on the track.
(We do however have a passenger session at lunch which is speed limited to 55 mph.)

Q: Will my insurance cover an accident?

A: In most cases the answer is NO. You can check with your insurance company to see if they will cover HPDE (High Performance Driving Event). Our event is not “Timed” or a “Race” and some companies may offer coverage. We do have a insurance company sponsor that you can purchase track insurance through. Lockton Motorsports They offer several options for your on and off the track. Check the dates for our event or search West Coast Racing and select your coverage you desire.

Q: I don’t have a fire extinguisher. Where can I get one?

A: You can purchase one through our vendor. www.speedtactics.com

Q: Can I run my convertible with stock roll hoops on the track?

A: All convertibles must be fitted with either a hard top, roll bar or approved replacement roll hoops. OEM roll hoops that are designated as crash protection is acceptable.

Q: What car can I bring?

A: West Coast Racing events are designed for any make or model car. Street and full race cars are permitted. This is strictly a “Car” event there are no SUV or trucks permitted to run the event.
(No open wheel cars.)

Q: Can I come as just a spectator?

A: Yes. West Coast Racing welcomes spectators and they are free. You will be required to pay any track admission fees, if applicable.