Green Group - Beginner

Going to the race track for the first time can be an intimidating experience. Willow Springs raceway is not called the “fastest track in the west” for no reason. At WCR we understand this and are here to make your first track experience a good one.

All green group first time drivers are required to take WCR beginner orientation meeting. The meeting covers the basic track information beginners need to know to have a safe and fun event. Track entry, exit, corners, passing zones and more will be addressed. This is also a great time for any first timer questions.

All beginners are required to run the first to run sessions in a lead-follow configuration, During lead follow sessions instructors will lead you on the track at a slow pace through the race track. As students improve during the sessions the instructors will slowly increase the speed at which the group on track moves. This process it allows the students to learn the track configuration as well as determine track conditions. In addition it allows the students to look for breaking and turn-in locations. Learning the track in this “relaxed” manner allows you to concentrate on your driving and not worry as much about the track. After the lead follow sessions are complete you are permitted to run at your own pace on track.

We encourage you to utilize one of our trained instructors. Many of our instructors are current or previous racers and are certified instructors for various manufactures. The instructors are available for “right seat” instruction. This allows the them to evaluate you in the car while on track. After the session the instructor will do a one-on-one with you to discuss areas for improvement. This is also a great time to ask your instructor any additional questions that you may have after being on the track. The instructors are included in your sign up cost so there is no extra fees to utilize them.